Trend Talk: Oversized Everything

the oversized trend

Move out of the way skin tight clothes, the oversized trend is back and it's hitting everything from coats to belts to pants. This season is all about the bigger the better, but we're not talking about jewels or handbags, although that is always the case isn't it? 10494

How To: Tuck In Your Top

how to tuck in your top

Sometimes we buy a shirt or a T-shirt and it’s too long. Other times it’s too baggy and we want to define out waist. For whatever the reason, here are some simple ways to tuck in your top. 14476

So Much Love For This Label: QUAY Australia

Gone are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses. If you own a pair, tuck them back into their cases and save them for a later date – like in winter when you won’t need them as much! Plain and basic sunglasses are a thing of the past. It’s all about

Trend Talk: The 90s

It’s the return of the nineties! Just like we’ve seen the seventies in recent trends, the nineties have also made a comeback and its super exciting. 14207

Trend Talk: The Sweater Dress

zendaya sweater dress

You might be thinking: "Dresses in autumn? Are you crazy?" But, hear us out. We always have those days in autumn where we feel hot and cold at the same time and are in a dilemma thinking “what should I wear”. Five outfits later and you’re still contemplating on what to