How To: Fake Tan Like A Pro

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Unfortunately for some people, getting that natural looking tan just isn’t an option. Maybe you weren’t born with olive skin, maybe you burn at the first hint of sun rays, or maybe all those cold winter months left you whiter than a piece of A4 paper. 13414

Top Tanning Products For The Pale Gal

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The beautiful summer season is here, and with it, sunny days, beaches and bikinis are at your disposal. But for paler than pale gals like me, getting in a bikini can often be a health hazard for those around you. 14319

How To Make Your Tan Last Longer

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Sydney weather has us bringing out the umbrellas and coats already and it's still February! The lack of sun has forced even the most fearless of beach browners to bronze up with a fake bake to keep up their summer glow.Β  8476

The Base By Lara Bingle

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Lara Bingle has always been the epitome of the quintessential Aussie beach/surfer girl. And who hasn't girl-crushed on Bingle at some stage (That hair! That perpetual tan! Snagging Sam Worthington!)? Style and beauty-wise, Bingle is forever at the top of her game, and now, thanks to the launch of her

Best ‘Fake It Til You Make It’ At-Home Tans

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While we may be in for a warmer winter, it's not the tanning kind, so make sure you keep your bronzed skin topped up with these at home fake tans.Β Tanning at home is cheap and can be as effective as having one professionally done; you just have to choose the