Latest Fitness Craze: Piloxing


Piloxing has finally made its way to Australia! Wondering what exactly it is? Well, it's a new kind ofย cardio fusion workout incorporating cutting edge research and fitness techniques to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles, and increase stamina โ€“ and, as the name suggests, is a unique mixture of Pilates

How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Long-term fitness goals are ones that include living healthier, lowering your BMI (body mass index) or cholesterol and making lifestyle changes. If you want to lose 10kg, it's your long-term commitments that will get you there. 5608

Why Running Is Great For Your Health

Hitting the pavement or the treadmill comes with an array of health benefits that are easily achievable with a little persistence. We all know it comes hand in hand with weight loss trends, but did you know it also benefits almost every part of your body and mind? 5388

Work It In Gym Style

Gym Style Fashion

Looking the part in the gym is becoming as important as getting dolled up for a night out. In fact, fitnessย fashion is an integral component of today's capsule wardrobe. Combining comfort and durability with style is not an easy feat but we have a couple of tips to see you

Fitness Friday: Skip Yourself Slim

Skipping Fitness Exercise

In order to burn 2 pounds a week which equates to about a kilo you need to burn off 500 calories a day more than you take in. Sounds confusing? Well, it is really not. Letโ€™s say you are a woman of moderate proportions with a calorie intake of 1500