DIY Body Scrub

This DIY body scrub is perfect for summer because it helps exfoliate dry, flaky skin caused from the intense heat! Leave your skin feeling silky smooth with this simple recipe. 14409

DIY Bath Bomb

DIY Bath Bomb

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath at the end of a hard day? For all you bath lovers out there, I’ve got a simple DIY bath bomb for you to spice up your tub. 15947

DIY Dry Shampoo

DIY Dry Shampoo

Greasy hair can be a serious problem when you’re running late and don’t have time to wash it in the morning. That’s why dry shampoo has become every girl’s new best friend. But what happens if you ever run out of said best friend? 14624

DIY Matte Nail Polish

DIY matte nail polish

Changing up your regular nail polish for the holiday season is super easy, and you don’t even need to go out and buy new nail polish! Here are two quick ways to make your existing nail polish colours matte. 14277

Simple DIY Hair Repair Mask

hair repair mask

Our hair gets put through the wringer on a weekly basis. Excessive heat styling from hair driers, straighteners, and curlers, not to mention dying and the changing weather can play a huge toll on your hair. If your hair is in need of a little extra hydrating boost or a

Blogger Spotlight: Random Chic Musings

artisan handmade bracelet

Random Chic Musings is the latest site from fashion blogger Dille. A true artistic spirit, Dille not only showcases fashion, she creates it. Her blog offers DIY tutorials for making clothing and jewellery from scratch, and she also sells some of her handmade jewellery on Etsy. Originally from Singapore, Dille