HIIT vs Low Intensity Workouts

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Losing weight is the most common New Year's resolution. So three weeks into the new year, how are you holding up? A personal trainer once told me that it take three weeks to make a habit. So if you're not on board the train just yet, don't panic. Apparently it's a

Cooking Vs Eating Out

What's better than having someone else prepare your favourite meal, bring it to you, and clean the dishes? Not much, if you're a lover of great food and service. 13626

Mix It Up: Blend And Detox Your Body

Health Detox Smoothies

What do kale, berries and coconut water  have in common? They all taste delicious together in a juice. These days, your most coveted kitchen appliance is the blender – and rightly so as there is a myriad of delicious juices, smoothies and meals to whip up in a matter of seconds. 3553