How To Cure Boredom

Feeling sad about not knowing what to do

Everyone gets bored now and then. We sit and wonder what to do and if it'll be enjoyable. We all struggle with it but don't despair there's many fun activities to do from reading to drawing and painting and yes binge watching TV shows on Netflix. If all else fails

Your Essential Summer Fashion Reading List

Summer Reading List, Books, Fashion, Reading, Magazines, Vogue

Is there anything better then that 'can't-stop-reading-till-you-get-to-the-end-because-it's-so-damn-good' feeling you get when you are reading a really, really great book? Didn't think so. This summer it's time to swap the glossy magazine for that good ol' fashioned book (we'll let it slide if you have a kindle, ibooks etc) and discover

The Summer Holiday Reading List

The Summer Reading List

If you haven't had a chance to start your holiday reading due to partying, food comas and hangovers, now is the time to look forward to weekend, rolling your towel out on the beach and settling down with a good book. From cheeky chick lit to health and lifestyle inspiration