Must-Have: The Body Shop’s Pinita Colada Collection

We've bottled the tropical

The Body Shop has been a firm favourite of mine since my awkward teen years. I think it was the animal friendly stamp that resonates the most, but the sweet scents of their product line are a close second. Their recently launched Pinita Colada collection is awesome for many reasons.

MAC’s New Liptensity Collection

Liptensity MAC

I have a little bit of an obsession with MAC, and it is probably not a healthy one. When I heard they were dropping their new lip line, with a gob smacking 24 shades, I got a teeny weeny (ridiculously) excited. 17769

Plane Good Style

Plane Right Style

I’m a bit of a jet setter. OK not in the London to Paris sense, but I fly pretty regularly. Does the Darwin to Sydney route qualify me as globetrotter extraordinaire? OK, maybe not, but I do know a thing or two about comfy flying. 17745

Must Try: Ella Bache Hydro-Microdermabrasion

10 Simple Beauty Benefits Using Lemon

Skincare is one thing not worth skimping on; I would rather put a cheap lippie on than use a budget cleanser. This is not to say that bargain items do not work, but sometimes you really do pay for what you get. 17483

3 Steps to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Best Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Blessed makeup brushes. Goddesses of contouring. Blush extraordinaires. Why then, do we cast them aside like some extra in a movie. They are the main act, the pivotal tool in creating our masterpiece. 17235

Beauty Must: HD Brows

HD Brows, Cara Delevingne

It's the year of the brow. Eyebrows are fuller, bushier and more coloured in than ever. Cara Delevingne has acted as a sort of eyebrow hero, paving the way for women worldwide to let themselves go a bit hairy. As a result, limp linear brows are gone. Now its all

How To: Paint Nails Perfectly Every Time

How To: Paint Nails Perfectly Every Time

Applying nail polish evenly and neatly can be a borderline impossible feat sometimes – colour ends up on your cuticles, manicures take hours to dry and even if it does look semi-decent, it never seems to last more than 2 days! In this article, we’ll take you through the steps

How To: Look Good On The Go

In a hurry? No worries! We’ve got the tips and tricks to help you look put together and feel more confident in a rush. Perfect for students, busy bodies and the chronic alarm snoozers. 7993

Speak Loudly With Statement Lips

The eyes may be the window to your soul, but this season, it's all about the lips. Adding a little va-va-voom to your look is as easy as slicking on a statement colour to pucker up with. 9083