What is F45 all about?


Feeling frustrated by my meager solo gym effort, and the high cost of personal training, I decided to meet somewhere in the middle. That middle was F45 training. The F stands for functional, and many will know that functional training has been around the block a few times, reinventing itself

Halloween Thrills Sydney-Style


It is nearly the best time of the year people! Halloween! Besides being able to eat endless amounts of candy and dress in ridiculous outfits, it is also another reason to head out for the weekend. We are bringing you THE best Halloween events in Sydney this month. Halloscream – Return

Our Picks Of Netflix


Netflix can be a minefield of options sometimes. Ever find yourself ten minutes into a show, wondering if you made the right decision? What if there is another series out there with your name all over it? Yep peeps, this is what I like to call Netflix FOMO. I have

The Best Of Swimwear 2016

Summer is nearly upon us, which means two fabulous things. Ice-cream is acceptable as an everyday diet staple, and it is time to get some new swimwear. 17752

Short Break: Sydney


In preparation for my imminent trip to Sydney next week (a little work, a lot of pleasure), I have concocted a perfect day and night in the big city (and its surrounds.) Brunch There is only one place to start the day and that is Newtown. An inner west suburb only a

Weekend Getaway: Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Many lucky Australian's are looking forward to the Australia Day long weekend. For those of you who still have to work - maybe save this for the next holiday. I'll have a drink for you (or ten) as I jet off to Fiji. 14818

HIIT vs Low Intensity Workouts

HIIT, workout, training

Losing weight is the most common New Year's resolution. So three weeks into the new year, how are you holding up?Β A personal trainer once told me that it take three weeks to make a habit. So if you're not on board the train just yet, don't panic. Apparently it's a

Summer Beauty Essentials

flat lay, summer, beauty, essentials

The heat is beating down on Australia now! When your exposing your skin and body to such extreme temperatures it's important you're taking the time to look after yourself. 14327