What It’s Like To Live with Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

Last year I had a breakdown. For  weeks, I hid in the confines of my room and stealthily avoided phone calls, text messages and lunch dates. Nobody knew it was happening, except for work, my doctor and my boyfriend. It is so easy to hide behind a text message and

The Waste Of Worry


Worry has long been a companion in my life. Worry, I imagine accompanies many people day-to-day. The reason for its existence are variable. In my story, I believe it is an emotion that has locked itself into my psyche as a form of self-preservation. 17607

6 Steps To Deal With Anxiety

anxiety how to deal

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their life. It’s a natural reaction to fear of the unknown, a stressful situation, or dreading an upcoming event. The worried and uneasy feelings that come with anxiety, quite frankly, suck. If you’ve ever felt anxious before then you know that these feelings

Is Anxiety Ruining Your Life?

Anxiety Stress Mental

We have all had that fluttery butterfly feeling of nervousness at some point. An important meeting or presentation at work can give the best of us an upset stomach. What happens when these feelings become a constant in your life? When the sheer thought of getting up in the morning