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How To Style A Denim Jacket

how to style a denim jacket

Ascending into the later part of the year, we’re looking for something to throw on in in-between weather. When your coat is too much but your cardigan makes you chilly, a denim jacket has just the right amount of warmth and casual style to fit with your trans-seasonal outfits.

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Your denim jacket can be multipurpose when it comes to your style. Over the shoulders, around your waist or worn with your prettiest dresses, the jacket adds a sense of cool and collected style. Whether it’s on the weekend or for work, your denim jacket transcends to all occasions.

Outfit 1: The dress

Denim jackets make a great statement over girly dresses. Skater style dressed can be prissed down with a pack-a-punch denim jacket and sneakers, creating that salty-but-sweet vibe that’s great for casual weekends.

how to style a denim jacket

Outfit 2: The double denim

Denim jacket and denim jeans? That is so 2000’s. But the 2000’s are back baby! We’re bringing back all the styles that were hip when we were younger, but we’re making them better. Double denim is definitely not something to be afraid of. If you’re nervous about double the blue denim, choose white or black jeans for safety.

how to style a denim jacket

Outfit 3: The colourfulΒ skirt

You might think your work outfit is too dressy to add a denim jacket, but you could be wrong. A colourful skirt and plain top with a denim jacket can be quite the combination. While a black pencil skirt may appear too corporate, a coloured skirt and denim jacket can add a really fun flair.

how to style a denim jacket

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