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How To Style A Bomber Jacket

styling bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are the kind of clothing item that float in and out of style every so often. They were popular in the 90’s, jumped back into fashion in the mid 2000’s, and now they’ve made an appearance again.

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If you aren’t already excited to see bombers back, then these styling tips will definitely get you there!

styling bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are a great way to balance out a fancy or dressy outfit. They can really dress down something like a dress or a skirt and give a really edgy look or make it day-time appropriate.

styling bomber jackets

Bomber jackets look really funky and casual when they’re oversized. Their puffy shape adds dimension without being too overpowering. When wearing it oversized, make sure to wear tight clothing underneath to balance the look out.

styling bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are casual clothing items, so of course they work perfectly with casual outfits. Chuck on jeans, a t-shit, some converse and a bomber jacket and you’ll be set for the day!

styling bomber jackets

Make it a statement piece. There are so many interesting bomber jackets out there with different patterns, it would be crazy not to have any in your wardrobe. They’re the perfect accessory to add to a plain outfit.

styling bomber jackets

Use a bomber to replace your hoodie. They’re the perfect touch to add to the active wear look to and from the gym. They can also dress up the active wear style if you’re a fan of wearing it out and about on a daily basis.

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