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The Struggles Of Online Shopping

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More than once – in fact, every week – we seem to find ourselves admiring products we see online. From clothing, shoes and bags to homeware, flowers and cars, there’s something for everyone.


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And if it’s on sale, well, it would be rude not to look.

Despite hours spent surfing through pages of products – majority of the time, we don’t end up buying anything. If you haven’t figured out why you’re so anxious to head to the online check out, here’s a struggle I deal with.

Buying before trying

online shopping, online expectations, buying online

A major issue I find, is buying clothing (or shoes) without trying them on. It’s all well and good that the 6ft, DD cup and flawless model looks stunning in a dress, but will a 5ft, B cup, short legged girl look the same? Your answers as good as mine.

Humans come in all different shapes and sizes. Which is the beautiful part about being an individual. So it can be hard when purchasing standard sized clothing to suit your shape and style. What exactly defines a standard size?

I’m a size 6 waist and size 8 on my thighs – so as you can imagine, it’s a nightmare trying to find shorts and jeans that fit!

While I have made several online purchases of dresses and playsuits, I run the risk of receiving an item that doesn’t fit as nice as it looked. And unfortunately, it’s something we; online shoppers will all experience at least once.

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Despite most online shopping sites offering reasonable returns and refund policies, I prefer to stick to heading to the shopping centres..

I go to the shops not just for the purchase, but for the experience and to indulge my senses. And I leave with an empty wallet alongside several bags of things I managed to convince myself that I really, really do need.

I’ll leave online shopping to the safety of flight and hotel bookings, concert tickets and products I’ve already tried.

Images via buzzfeed, destinationfemme

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