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Street Style: NYFW Spring Edition

new york fashion week street style

I absolutely adore street style shots, especially at New York Fashion Week. Fashion week is a time for designers to show off their best work of the season and inspire those attending (and those not) with their what they have created.

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You don’t have to be a model to give a great street style shot. Street style gives a personal touch to fashion week, allowing stylists and bloggers to show off what they have created with those designer’s styles and added their own twist to create a unique look.

We rarely see two people at fashion week looking the same – even the same piece is totally transformed by one’s personal style. And that’s why fashion week and street style are important; because they give everyone a chance to show off their talents in the fashion industry, whether you’re designing, writing or creating. Fashion week is so important for everyone who is in the fashion world, including you and I as consumers. We are picking up on trends and styles that are going to hit our shelves within a matter of months.

new york fashion week street style

New York Fashion Week is my favourite of all those around the world. Set against the magic of New York, the outfits have a particular flare that can only be explained by the influence of such a remarkable city. We can only see that through designers and through what others create in their street style concoctions.

At this year’s New York Fashion Week for Spring 2016 ready to wear collections, the style was fantastic. A whole mix of ladies who chose to wear florals, or stick to darker colours or go completely out there with a bright burst of colour. It showed that there are so many things to work with and so many different things to wear to suit who you are as a person.

Style isn’t necessarily about what’s on trend. It’s about which pieces represent you as a person and what you want to make of it.

new york fashion week street style

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