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Steal Her Style: Kylie Jenner Street Style

kylie jenner style

If there is one Kardashian/Jenner that we all need to keep our eyes on, then that’s little Kylie Jenner. She’s the youngest member of the crazy family, which means she has the best opportunity to live and learn from her older sisters when it comes to the dos and don’ts of fashion.

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Kylie has the most daring style of the bunch, and she’s not too scared to stand out and wear what she wants. I think we can all learn a thing or two from her.

When she’s not glammed up to perfection for parties, dressed to the nines for events, or chasing around her three Italian greyhounds, Kylie can be seen casually on the streets looking super casual and chic. If you’re like me and you wish you could afford the little Jenner’s style, here are some ways to do it.

First things first; chuck on some oversized glasses. Kylie and the rest of the family are always seen in big glasses (hater shades). She’s also a fan of the oversized shirt. Big t-shirts with jeans or shorts are her go-to. This plaid dress she’s wearing is really easy to copy. Find a cheap shirt dress, plain or with a print, and slip into some thigh-highs to jazz up the look.

kylie jenner style

It’s time to break out the all black look. Grab whatever black t-shirt you own, your black jeans, and a leather jacket and you could be Kylie’s twin! Just kidding. But this look is super simple. Put on all your black clothes with some badass boots and you’re ready to rock the streets.

kylie jenner style

This next look is another easy one. Show off some sexy legs with a simple dress and black heals (flats if you’re more comfortable in them). You can add some bling to the look with a belt – this will also help to show off your waist! Pop on some shades and mix up the bag and the look is done.

kylie jenner style

All black is back. A crop top with a long skirt is the best for the summer months. Its easy and quick chuck on, plus it looks really put together. Keep a sliver of skin showing at the wait to break up all the black, and slide into some chunky boots to give the look some edge.

kylie jenner style

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