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Steal Her Style: Kim Kardashian

Reality Star, Chic, Style

Kim Kardashian, you either love or hate her… But this year she has been snapped out and about and at red carpet events with bold outfit choices but still stylish and in some cases elegant.

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She loves revealing her cleavage, boots and chokers! We love it!

1. Baggy T-shirts And Corset Street Style

Reality Star, Style, Street Style

Kim loves her baggy shirts, she’s been snapped on numerous occasions with this style! Here she’s snapped out and about wearing a baggy concert tee with a black corset over it!

Black leggings and open feet black high heels! What makes this outfit work is that its all black, the corset makes the tee tight around her stomach. It matches really well with leggings and the shoes are stylish and have a tall lean heel!

2. Style Chic Travel Outfit

Reality Star, Style, Travel

Okay, let’s be honest when we travel we want comfort (read:Β trackies) but we can hopefully steal Kim’s travel style as it is simple, elegant and stylish!

Here, Kim is snapped in a matching colour outfit even down to the shoes! This colour works well though, as its not to bright or to bland. She reveals her cleavage which is good as she isn’t all closed up.

The boots cover her legs, perfect for when it gets cold on the plane.Β The long cotton jersey adds the elegance to the look and the same coloured choker makes us want to look at her neck.

I must say I really like this style. It’s simple but elegant!

3. MTV VMAS Event Dress

Reality Star, Sex Appeal, Awards

I love this style! It oozes sex appeal with the thigh high tight dress. It reveals her voluptuous curves and cleavage. the fabric is soft and clings to her body!

The shoe strings that wrap around her legs is hot and stylish! The shoes and necklace add a bohemian look to the style but it’s still a sexy vixen look with the wet hair and it seems like the dress is wet!

Are you the type of chic who loves to make bold choices with your outfits and still mix it up with elegance? If so, then Kim’s style is for you!

Images: Getty, Rex and Pinterest

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