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Steal Her Style: Gisele Bundchen

Gisele is the world’s number one ranking supermodel. She’s gorgeous and always looks great – from casual but upscale, on the go to professional wear, and sexy night out to formal events. Ready for an update? Be inspired by Gisele’s style!

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Casual Street Style

Denim street style

Love your denim? Wear tight skinny’s and to make it more upscale wear a leather jacket over a button work top. Definitely wear some heels and step outside looking stylish. This look will also be perfect for Friday at work or a night out at the bars.

Professional Blazer

Professional blazer

You can’t go wrong with a blazer. It’s efficient and truly chic! Wear a pair of jeans with it or work slacks. Either way you’ll look good and trendy! Navy will work but if you want a different texture, black striped is the way to go.

Sexy Night Out

Night out wear

This dress is a need for a night out in town. It’s mini and clings to your body which will reveal those curves! To show some cleavage make sure it’s open at the front and to stand out wear a pattern one that sparkles. Gold will be ideal as it’s the color of royalty and feeling really wild, wear a animal print design.

Don’t forget the pointy heels!

Formal Event Attire

Formal Dress

Have events or holiday parties coming up but have no idea what to wear? Get inspired by this dress, it’s beautiful and elegant. It’s tight and reveals some skin. I love the swirl patterns, any design will work but make sure it’s black as it’s ideal formal dress wear.

If you have a trendy and smart look these outfit choices are for you. It will work for any occasion and let’s face it she’s a fashion model babe and who wouldn’t want to dress like her.

Images via: Pinterest

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