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Steal Her Style: Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres Tailored Style

Deviating from the usual feminine fashion, Ellen Degeneres is our style icon of the week. We are completely in awe of her ability to wear typically masculine attire with such sexy ease. The suit jackets, waist coats and brogues are all examples of a men’sΒ corporate wardrobe, yet Ellen manages to bring a street casual feel to the look by dressing down with a good pair of jeans or Converse trainers.

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What is so unique areΒ the little twists she always brings to them, be it a fedora or dickie bow. Her pixie blonde hair-do and minimalist make up finishes off her polished look that is clean, crisp and tailored.

Ellen Degeneres Tailored Style

Ellen’s style is brave and, for some of us, it might be too much too soon so ease yourself in with the skirts and sneakers look which adds youth and some fun to what can otherwise be a pretty uniform style. You can achieve your Ellen look by taking baby steps. Do a spring clean on your wardrobe and get reconnected with the blazers you packed away last winter. Teaming a great suit jacket with a summer dress to offer a look that blends femininity with a touch of masculinity in perfect balance is a good starting point for De Generes style. Ellen, we love you.

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