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Sponsored: Carrera and Jared Leto in search of Mavericks


Suave, sophisticated and so hot right now Jared Leto has joined Italian lifestyle eyewear brand Carrera as the new face of the 2016 Carrera Eyewear campaign.

The brand will celebrate 60 years of fashion this year and their new “Maverick” collection will prove to be a milestone range of products – especially with undeniable uniqueness of Leto at the helm.

Check out this amazing Carrera Eyewear campaign video:

“I’ve known of Carrera since I was a kid,” Leto said. “And when I came across the Maverick project I was immediately connected to it as it talks about people that are brave, bold, that take risks, the wild horses, the people that are not afraid to fail, the type of people who have inspired my whole life.”

And the inspiration is clear. The Maverick Collection reveals an updated shape, a unique bridge construction and overall lightness. It also sports super-thin frames for both optical and sun, developed to provide a lightweight experience for all-day comfort and a contemporary look.

“I am enthusiastic about this collaboration and about Jared’s commitment to this project,” Massimo Pozzetti, Global General Manager of Carrera, said. “Carrera chose him because he perfectly embodies the boldness and spontaneity of the new Maverick collection and with great joy we found out that he was already a follower of the brand.”

Carrera chose the actor as he personifies a confident, risk-taking Maverick and was an ideal casting choice for the campaign, according to Pozzetti. As the new face of the brand, Leto has recruited maverick artists, musicians and unique minds to be part of a creative video he has lead.

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This post has been presented by Carrera, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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