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Skincare Product Goes From Sydney Clinic To A-list Gift Bags

Dr Anita Hegde

Australian Cosmetic Physician Dr Anita Hegde has achieved a unique feat – her brand new Skin Smoothing Moisturiser has been included in gift bag for A-list attendees at the Four Seasons hotel after this year’s Oscars.

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Some of the guests being gifted a sample of her labour of love include Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, Morgan Freeman, Tina Fey and Matt Damon … just to name a few.

It’s been a wild ride for the Sydney-based Cosmetic Physician and the events leading up to the Oscars have left her “speechless”. But it is simply the culmination of the months and years of hard work spent listening to her patients’ needs and wants.

Dr Anita Hegde

Dr Anita Hegde says of the achievement: “I’m just left feeling humbled and grateful for the interest in my product.”

Her journey began a few years ago. “I have had a strong interest in cosmetic chemistry over the past few years, so I know about facial skin creams. I spent a lot of time researching what was out there in response to patients asking me what formulations they should use,” she says.

“The reality was fairly appalling, considering the hype and cost of some of these so-called ‘high-end’ skincare products with minimal scientific evidence, if any .  I devoured as many research papers as I could and realised I should stop thinking and just create it. So I did – with input from the experts.

“And that’s how my high-end, skin smoothing moisturising cream was born. I used ingredients that I would be happy putting on my face. Simple. Effective. Uncomplicated.”

Samples of the cream were sent to Los Angeles to be included the gift bags for guests at the Four Seasons but the product has currently SOLD OUT in Australia. Pre-production is under way for a mid-2016 release and already has built up a strong following and wait list.

Stacey Vanoska

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