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Get Shredded With Adam Saaks

Shredded With Adam Saaks

Adam Saaks is used to dealing with models, as he should, being a designer. But Adam likes to design differently than most others in the industry. He’s famous for his live shredding shows.

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Armed with just a pair of scissors, Adam can turn any simple, black swimsuit, pair of leggings or shirt into an intricate design. In Adam’s live shows, he takes the clothes you are wearing and cut them on your body to create a unique and sexy piece. Currently traveling in Europe, Adam is very popular with models and celebrities, shredding pieces on Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry and so many more.

Adam’s designs have become so popular, you can now purchase them on his website. When you select a piece, Adam personally cuts the piece for you and it is sent right to your door.

Adam has also written an eBook autobiography calledΒ Love at First CutΒ featuring his shirt cutting secrets, his experiences and how he made history.

You can check out Adam on YouTube and Instagram. Have a look at his design on Heidi Klum for US Magazine below.

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