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Sephora Australia Website Is A Huge Success

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With Sephora Australia recently announcing their plans to open a store in Melbourne, the rest of Australia has cried tears of FOMO at the thought of not being able to easily access the giant beauty hub for regular purchases.

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Luckily, Sephora has kept their word and launched an online store for those across Australia to shop from, though no doubt it will be for those in Sydney not bothered to visit the flagship store.

Launched last week, the online store has gone insane. With their huge range of makeup now available for home delivery, we too are on the bandwagon. Sephora Australia has also started to release their holiday collections, which are starting to sell out straight away, so get in quickly before you miss out.

The best thing about the Sephora Australia website finally coming to fruition is the free shipping on any purchase over $55 and free samples, which is what Sephora is famous for! Get shopping!

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