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How To: Rock Ankle Boots All Year Round

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The ankle boot is one of the most versatile shoes, alongside your pair of trusty black flats. When we say year long, its important to take into consideration both the hot and humid days along with the cold and rainy. Now I’m guessing that the sound of digging your feet into a pair of warm ankle boots in the summer doesn’t sound appealing. But trust me, when we say versatile, we mean versatile.

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There is an ankle boot for every occasion. Anywhere you look on the streets, in stores, these sexy shoes are there. The millions of styles do not begin to describe this fashion craze as they come in many diverse designs and styles – heels, colours, cuts, textures, prints. Name the occasion as you’ve got your match.

Tips on how to achieve the perfect look with your pair of booties:

Pair them with your favourite clothes

Many celebs style the ankle boot with anything and everything. Leggings. Denim cutoffs. Boyfriend jeans. Boho dresses. Oversized knits. Basically, you can style it up with anything that floats your boat because that is how versatile it is.

Know when to tuck and when to cuff your bottoms

The worst thing that you can do when wearing your boots is to have tucked in your bottoms only to have them awkwardly crinkled up at your knees. That’s the thing that makes styling pants a little scary. The thing is that many of us don’t know when to tuck or cuff. The only way to figure this out is to figure what type of pants they are. Are they super tight or skinny? If so, try tucking them into your boots. But if you’re wearing jeans, definitely cuff them. Cuffed jeans and ankle boots are like a match made in heaven. The perfect couple.

Wear cute socks

If you’re wearing cropped pants or cuffed jeans, you can add an element of cuteness and surprise by wearing frilly or printed socks. They definitely work. Just be careful to not use plain socks.

If all else fails, here are a few pictures of Miranda Kerr rocking the trusted ankle boot. She will without a doubt inspire you to up your shoe/ fashion game.


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