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The Resurrection Of The Bum Bag

Bum Bag Rihanna

We love when an outdated style is reborn with more zeal than it had before. The bum bag, previously an embarrassing accessory seen only on your dad overseas is now being sported by the likes of Rihanna and other fashion forward celebs.

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Embellishments, patterns, and block colours have revamped a look that died with mullets and shoulder pads. It is fast becoming a festival staple; it not only adds funk to your look, but teams fashion with function harmoniously.

Looking great and storing your valuables has never been so easy. We dig Rihanna’s double denim take on the bum bag, but really with an accessory like this the world is your oyster. Its a brave piece so go nuts with lots of colour to be as bold as you dare.

Bum Bag Accessories

Be warned – an accessory that jumps out as much as a bum bag does should be appreciated in its own right. Avoid having too much jewellery or bouffant hair. While we adore the eighties look, we also don’t want to look like the decade just puked on us.

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