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How To Relax This Weekend

How To, Relax, Stress, Work

After a stressful full week of work or study, all you want to do is chill out. So we thought we’d compile super easy ways to sit back and relax your mind, body and soul.

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1. Relaxing Bath

How To, Relax, Stress, Work

A bath, who doesn’t love one? It is perfect after having a stressful and hard day at work as your muscles will relax and the heat will kink out all the tension.

Add some bath salts and bubble bath. Light some candles, turn the light off  and lie back. Play some classical music, close your eyes and think about relaxing things so no thinking about work. You will fall into a calm hypnosis state and your mind will be clear and relaxed.

2.) Sweet Music Tunes and Wine

How To, Relax, Stress, Work

There’s nothing better than wine and music. That said, pour yourself some white or red, take your shoes off and sit back.

Put your favourite mix on and let the words and tunes relax you. After sitting back for awhile, get up and dance around. Dancing and wine is a very good technique for relaxing, as it will make you happy and once you’re in a good mood, your muscles will relax.

3.) Netflix And Chill

How To, Relax, Stress, Work

Take Netflix’s advice and chill! Make some popcorn, change into your pyjamas and grab a blanket and pillow. Get comfy on the couch and choose a movie or t.v show which you love.

Focusing on what you watch will help take work and stress thoughts off your mind and plus it lets you live in their world for a while. Yes Please!

4.) Curl Up With A Book

How To, Relax, Stress, Work

Reading is another good method for taking your mind off of a hard day at work so curl up with a book and relax your mind and body. There’s nothing better than a good book so dive into the characters world and dwell on that instead of your own problems.

You will be left feeling super relaxed, happy and sleepy before going to bed and these things will ensure a good night’s sleep. All you need to do is not worry and return to work thoughts after doing these steps.

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