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How To Pull Off Bold Lipstick

How to pull off bold lipstick

There’s nothing like a pop of colour to really brighten up an outfit, but taking on a bold lip can be risky sometimes.

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You don’t want your lip to look over the top and out of place; you want it to look fresh and fun. There are a few do’s and don’t’sΒ to keep your lips looking more fabulousΒ than frightful.

Do get the right tone: Not just of lipstick for your skin but for your overall look. Some shades of lipstick suit different skin tones, but making sure your foundation, contouring and highlight is right can help your shade suit you even better.

Don’t forget to line: Lining your lips will keep the colour from bleeding into the skin around them and will keep your lippy looking fresh.

Do keep it simple: The rest of your makeup look should be relatively simple to keep that effortless, runway look, rather than over-doing it with a dramatic eye or heavy foundation.

Don’t forget your lipstick: To touch up your colour during the day. There’s nothing worse than bold lipstick that is starting to wear off so keep your lippie handy for easy touch ups.

Do try out a range of colours: Bold lipstick doesn’t necessarily mean red. It could be bright pink, orange or a vampy wine shade so switch it up and see what works for you.

Don’t forget to coordinate your outfit: You might think makeup stops at your face, but you have to work it into the colours of your outfit. Colour coordinate!

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