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Get The Look: Pretty in Pastel


Pastels are in again! Yep, it got us Style girls pretty excited. When is fashionable to dress like a marshmallow, it is a good time to be alive. Soft pinks, purples, lemons and blues are adorning the catwalk this spring, with connotations of a bag of pick-a-mix lollies. This light fun look has us in a spin; after all sugar may be bad to eat, but who says it’s bad to wear?! Here are some of our favourite pretty pastels to see you through the season.

Cherry Pickers Resale Boutique

Cherry Picker

This pastel collection is a wonderful conveyance of how much free reign there is with this trend. There is no such thing as clashing; in fact the more diversity between colour palettes, the absolute better. How good is that yellow sundress though? Cherry Pickers Resale Boutique has more preloved clobber just like this. Drool over some here.

Harajuku Style

Where tp get it

The pastel trend takes some inspiration from Japanese Harajuku style; remember those chicks in Gwen Stefani’s music videos? This is the ultimate Asian inspired Cher from Clueless look. Cute tartan skirt is toned down with pastel hues, while fluffy pink jumper completes the real life cotton candy chic.  This particular look may be too much for some, but we happen to love it.


Cobie Smulders

You know what’s better than pastel? Black and pastel! Team your favourite LBD with some standout pastel accessories. Check out Cobie Smulders here from “How I met you Mother” fame. She kills it in this dress, with pretty shoes and bag. She still manages to look stunning, while adding some fun to the classic black dress. Trying to track down some accessories? Well Lovisa just so happen to do a wonderful collection of colour popping pieces. For those who want to experiment with pastel, without diving headfirst into frosting, than a statement jewellery item might be a good way to start.

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