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Planning Your Boxing Day Sales Shopping Spree

boxing day sales tips

Boxing Day is one of the biggest shopping days in Sydney with stores dramatically lowering their prices so that shoppers can bag a bargain.Β 

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The busiest day of the retail year is however, plagued with crowds, competition and the risk of overspending for items that will have no use to you in a couple of weeks. Here are our top tips for getting what you want out of the Boxing Day sales with minimum damage to your credit card.

Get there early

Getting to the shops early is crucial to bagging a bargain with stores in the city opening as early as 5am. Getting there earlier to line up is key so that you’re the first in the store to grab the best things that you’re after.

Have a plan

Know which shops you want to visit and where they are. Knowing where you have to go can cut travel times in between shops, especially if you’ve figured out some underground short cuts. Think about which stores will have more stock of what you want. Map it out and don’t save the best until last.

Stay hydrated

Make sure to drink plenty of water through the day. Even though you’ll be in air conditioning, your body will still be using up fluids which you need to replace. Take some snacks with you or plan a lunch break so that you’re not shopping hungry and making decisions on items that you may later regret.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

You probably do when shopping anyway but this is incredibly important on Boxing Day. You’ll be walking and standing for hours and if you’re able to, trying on clothes. You need to wear things that are easy to move in and can be taken off easily if you do need to try things on. Flat shoes are a must.

Know the sales

Know which stores are offering which sales so that you can maximise your savings. Some stores will have special periods where they offer a bigger sale during the day, so check social media and plan around the huge sale periods.

Gift cards

Grab the gift cards that you were given for Christmas so that the money will buy you more things and you’ll be giving your own credit card less of a workout.

Make a list

Make a list of the things you are looking to get from the sale and check the return policy at the store. Many times during Boxing Day sales there is a no return policy, so if you’re not happy with what you’ve bought, you have to live with it. Choose carefully and have a particular thing in mind to avoid buying things you may want to give back later.

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