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Plane Good Style

Plane Right Style

I’m a bit of a jet setter. OK not in the London to Paris sense, but I fly pretty regularly. Does the Darwin to Sydney route qualify me as globetrotter extraordinaire? OK, maybe not, but I do know a thing or two about comfy flying.

I find myself checking in about every 6 weeks, so it’s definitely not my first rodeo. Here are my nifty tips, on how to exit a flight feeling rested, and looking fabulous.

Plane Right Style


Dress in cosy attire. Sounds obvious, but what people think is cosy and what is cosy are two very different things. My go to get-up is a cotton jumpsuit from H&M, with over sized sweater, tied around the waist. This is more for fashion than function, but handy to have on a cold plane journey. I always wear thongs, but pop a pair of socks in my bag, in case its chilly. A Bali sarong wrap comes in handy for extra warmth, and is so light that its fits with little effort into my bag.


Neck Pillow is an obvious one, but I have the next generation in neck pillows. Mine comes equipped with built in hood. Hood you say? Yep, a hood and once you try it you won’t look back!

I’m not a fan of face wipes, so I always bring a travel size Micellar Water and cotton pads. It is really refreshing to give your face a clean-up before disembarking. A slick of your favourite moisturiser on top, will have you feeling spic and span.


Just before preparation for landing, I get myself to the bathroom, bush my teeth, swish some mouthwash and coat on some mascara. I throw my hair into a messy topknot, and I’m good to go. Now it’s just time to exit the plane like a boss.

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