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Trend Talk: The Sweater Dress

zendaya sweater dress

You might be thinking: “Dresses in autumn? Are you crazy?” But, hear us out.

We always have those days in autumn where we feel hot and cold at the same time and are in a dilemma thinking “what should I wear”. Five outfits later and you’re still contemplating on what to wear, only to discover that you cant find anything although you own a million and one pieces of clothing. That’s where the sweater dress comes in – just pick up an oversized sweater and go. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Oh so effortless and graceful.

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The sweater dress has got to be one of the most effortless, warm and cozy pieces of clothing you can wear this autumn. The great thing about this outfit is that it comes in many styles, designs, knitted patterns, colours and prints which take the morning confusion out of the way and simplify your choices for when you’re going out or to work or even if you’re simply in a hurry. Just slip it on and pair it with ankle booties and you’re good to go.

They can also be easily styled. You can rock it with tights or bare legs, a statement necklace or a scarf. The possibilities are pretty much endless with a piece of clothing that is certainly an item that is already in every woman’s wardrobe. So next time you’re having a morning dilemma of what to wear, you have got yourself covered.

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