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Nude Makeup Without Looking Naked

Abbie Cornish

It’s been seen on the runway in New York, London, Paris and Milan and now it’s time to add it to your makeup to do list. Nude makeup is trending up and being fresh faced and natural is part of your winter beauty.

Nailing nude makeup is quick and easy and even gives you a couple of minutes extra to snuggle into your bed on cooler mornings.  

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Eyebrows first

Nude makeup is about looking naturally radiant, fresh and natural. An important aspect of this is the eyebrows. Eyebrows should be neat and brushed and can be filled in with a soft pencil to accentuate them.

Best base

Your base is also important for achieving flawless flowing skin. If you are confident with you skin, a tinted moisturiser can be use to give you a lovely glow with concealer where needed. Those who aren’t so confident should do their usual base and give skin a good colour.


Glow up

Adding a light bronze or brown to eyelids will give them definition. Peach pink glossed lips add a natural touch to your pout while a shimmer of bronzing over the cheeks can help to create shape.

Lash out

While many runway shows have eschewed mascara, it is a personal decision to delete it from your look. Mascara does enhance the eyes, however if you feel like you can rock the natural look without it, simply curl your lashes.

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