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Trend Talk: The New Power Couple

It’s the age-old fashion nightmare that strikes fear into the heart of any aspiring trendsetter; turning up to an event in the same (or similar) outfit as someone else. Not only does it induce mortified panic attacks and a night of dodging group photo shots, it shatters the very core of our sartorial existence.

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Once upon a time, accidently dressing like your bestie was the ultimate fashion faux pas. Strangers would comment sarcastically how you obviously “dressed like twins on purpose” (a true, embarrassing quote from the day my bestie and I both wore Breton stripes and denim jackets out shopping) or assume you simply lacked the individuality and creativity to dress in your own way. It seems inevitable though, that when you spend so much time with someone whose opinions, style and charisma are so likeable, that a natural appropriation would take place. Well, finally the time has come to embrace the stylish qualities that you admire and often imitate in your bff (after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) and use these to complement each other when the occasion calls.

‘Twinning’ or being seen as ‘matchy-matchy’ is not about being totally identical, but rather focusing on one or two stylish attributes and playing them up. Choosing a colour scheme is a great way to start, and allows you both to work within a palette that is evenly suited for the two of you (for my bestie and I: black, black, with shades of grey). It may be as simple as a neutral palette of creams, white and beiges, and let’s face it, white on white is everything this summer, so when teamed together on the two of you, it screams chic, fashion forward, on-trend and all those other nice fashion sayings you read on magazine covers. Queens of Twinning, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (natural unfair advantage noted) know how to pick their colour scheme and roll with it, embracing complementary shades of colours and mirroring each other not only on the red carpet, but in their daily lives.

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Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Twinning,
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the Met Gala Ball 2014 #twinning

If one particular shade or colour doesn’t work for the both of you, why not focus on an accessory you both can’t live without? Maybe dresses teamed with sneakers is your thing? Or oversized hats and sunglasses? It could be that statement necklace that neither of you could live without, therefore you both had to purchase it, and now have to wear on a rotation system. Whatever that item is – make it work, draw attention to it! Keep the rest of your outfits simple and let the street style photographers flock to you. Sisters and bloggers Stef and Jess from know nothing works better on camera then items that ‘pop’. They are known for their colourful, over the top and girly style and are never seen without their trademark platform shoes, bejewelled nails and huge sunglasses. They know exactly what particular items inspire them, and how to translate that into their own iconic look.

How Two Live, Twinning, Sisters, Jess and Stef
Stef and Jess from How Two Live

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Don’t just stop at items of clothes or colours either: Twinning is entirely achievable through matching hair styles (sleek, low ponytails, anyone? Milkmaid braids?) or via similar beauty tricks. After all, a bright red lip and flicked eyeliner is a classic look neither of you can live without, and coral lips and nails just work so well with that (fake) summer tan both of you are going to acquire. At the end of the day, fashion is supposed to be fun, and who else does anyone have with fun with but their partner in crime? It’s time the two of you embraced what is surely happening naturally, stop coveting each other’s items and start collaborating them, and work together towards a unified style nirvana (because two wardrobes are always better than one).

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