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Do You Need A Nail Cleanser?

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If you’re looking at giving yourself the ultimate at home, DIY spa experience, you’ve gotta have face masks, hair treatments and a fantastic manicure to boot.

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When you go for the whole manicure experience, you may come across a nail cleanser and find yourself asking, what is that? Do I need it?Β Do we really need anything in this world besides food, water and a bit of shelter? No, but the nail cleanser is fab!

To answer the first question, a nail cleanser is a preparation coat before your base. It readies the nail for the application of polish by removing any impurities, leaving them perfectly primed to receive the base coat for a longer lasting manicure. While not essential for a manicure, it’s essential for prolonging the life of your manicure, so as to avoid doing touch ups after just two days.

So do you really need it? Take it from the girl who can chip her nails on anything – you need it. It keeps your manicure lasting longer, which means less chipping and less midweek touch ups. Not only does this save you effort, but it also saves you nail polish and the tacky, uneven look that can come with doing touch ups.

Nail cleaners are used in gel manicures to help add that polished look and to prolong the life of your manicure, so why would you not add it to your DIY mani too? It’s a simple step that can make your life easier and your nail polish last longer – we don’t see any losers here.

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