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How To: Nail The Jewelry Stacking Trend

Jewellery stacking trend

When us girls were really young, probably between the ages of 3 to 6, we had a collection of bangles. You know the ones I’m talking about: super skinny, metallic coloured, too big for our wrists, sometimes glittery, came in packets of 5 or 10? They used to sound like wind-chimes when we moved and were really annoying. Well, you could say that was the original type of jewellery stacking. Nowadays we’re not just stacking bracelets, but also rings, earrings, and necklaces.

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Wearing multiple rings at once is fine, we’ve all done this, but within the last couple of years or so wearing multiple rings on one finger is the in thing. Smaller sized ring or ‘midi’ rings are found all over stores now. They’re smaller in shape to fit the tips of your fingers. If you haven’t already tried to stack your rings then you should definitely give it a go. Having extra bling on your fingers is fun to look at and great for making your fingers look extra-long!

Now you might think there’s no rhyme or reason to stacking your rings or jewellery (and there isn’t really, you could go crazy if you like) but there are some tactful ways to do it. Start out with a chunkier ring on one of your fingers, maybe your index, and then build the look from there. You could add another thicker ring if you like to another finger – but more than two big rings on one hand can start to look a little cluttered and messy. Add the thinner rings from there. Maybe one more at the base of your finger and a couple on the tips of your fingers. You don’t have to stick to one type of metal either. Mixing colours is also very on trend. Try some silvers or rose golds, and even coloured stones or different shaped rings (like those horizontal ones). You can even go for all slim rings for a more elegant look.

jewellery stacking trend

Stacking your bracelets is easier, with these you can go all out. Different shapes and sizes complement each other really well, and like with rings, mixing metals is perfect.

Stacking necklaces is a little different. Too many chunky necklaces can make your neck look a little shorter. Multiple thin ones is fine, like a short thin necklace at the base of your throat, a medium length one to follow that, and then a longer one down your chest. If you want to go for something heavier, than the opposite applies. Start with something heavy or detailed close to your neck, this is the focus of the look. Add the thinner, longer ones on top. The longer ones give the appearance of a longer chest and torso and take away from the chunkiness.

Stacking earrings is easy if you’ve got multiple piercings but, if you don’t, ear cuffs give the same effect and give a great edgy look!

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