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Stylish Must-Haves For A Girl On The Go

We all have super busy work schedules, study commitments, social calendars and dates, not to mention family and finally ‘zone-out time’ for some exercise, meditation or simply relaxing on the couch with a bag of Doritos.Β And, I must confess, as a ‘busy’ person (which I love and hate all at the same time), I tend to overcommit and find myself running from appointment to function to party to work event to business meeting often.

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But I manage. I don’t just manage, I’m actually pretty damn organised. And despite the late nights and early mornings, I’m still prepared for what each day brings with minimal to zero fuss.

Is this just a pat on my back? Ha! Of course not. There is no way on the planet I could possibly manage my time the way I do with a few helpful tools that guide me on my way.

The first being my ASUS MeMO Pad 8 (limited edition, by the way) because frankly this little all-in-one keeps me up-to-date on all my emails, my calendar and all my social media accounts – and that is a LOT!

Stylish Must-Haves For A Girl On The Go

The next is my beautiful organiser from Kikki K because even though I have a digital companion that has everything I could ever need, I also love the old-school way method of taking notes, highlighting and doodling and it’s a great place to paste all my multi-coloured post-its because I LOVE them too! Oh, and highlighters… Did I mention highlighters?


I also keep sane but reading the stories of women that have been there and done it before me, including Lisa Messenger, Sophia Amoruso, Kirstie Clements, Lena Dunham and Mireille Guiliano. I’m currently reading Yes PleaseΒ by Amy Poehler.

Coffee is also a true saviour but it needs to be good and it helps if it’s served stylishly of course!


Apart from that, there are no secrets to success except for LOVE what you do and make the most of those late nights!

ASUS MeMo Pad 8

Stacey Vanoska

Stacey has 10 years experience in both print and digital media, most recently as an online editor in women’s lifestyle.

Despite trying to live a wholesome and simple life, she suffers from three main vices – a crippling addiction to coffee, complete and utter ignorance when it comes to personal finance and an unwaivering attraction to to copious amounts of fake tan.

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