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Meal Prepping: A How-To Guide

meal prep

Meal prepping is not a new phenomenon, but many people still find it to be a daunting task. There is no need to be afraid though, as we have some tricks of the trade right here, to make it easier for you.

After all, it is the ultimate tool in ensuring on track nutrition for your health goals. What is it they say? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Meal Prep

Snack Attack

Firstly, get the snacks sorted. Snacks are where most of us fall down. Ever have a day where you have eaten enough greens to rival a rabbit, yet find yourself tongue deep in a tub of Ben and Jerrys later on? Maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I have found having a go to snack, that is both tasty and nutritious, is my saviour. You probably want recipe ideas right? Good thing, I give my world famous energy ball recipe here. And a few other treats, if you are feeling fancy.

Storage Solutions

Remember those really nineties Tupperware parties? At the time they seemed a bit unnecessary, but god what I would give for an invitation to one of those now. Tupperware is your friend. He will store your food in perfect little portions, maintaining freshness. You can cook in bulk and divide into your containers, prepping up to 3 days ahead. Zip lock bags also come in handy for sundries such as nuts or dried fruit snacks.

Prep Day

Pick a day that suits you best for prepping. Sunday may seem like a good idea for people, but then some sunshineΒ and a beer garden gets in the way. If Wednesday is your quiet night, then go for Wednesday. There is no right or wrong!

You can really experiment with food prepping once you are comfortable with the process, but to begin, just make the recipes that you are familiar with. Happy prepping!

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