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3 Steps to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Best Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Blessed makeup brushes. Goddesses of contouring. Blush extraordinaires. Why then, do we cast themΒ aside like some extra in a movie. They are the main act, the pivotal tool in creating our masterpiece.

Such wonders should be treated like the queens they are, and this girls, comes in the form of cleaning. Yup, even cleaning the brushΒ for the eyebrows. Here are our 3 top tips for keeping your tools tip top. See what we did there.


Rinse the bristles under some luke warm tap water, keeping them pointing downwards.Avoid washing at the part where bristles meet “arm”, as water can affect the glue.


Take some baby shampoo in your hand; a coin sized amount will do. We use baby shampoo for 2 reasons, the first being it doesn’t contain too many nasty chemicals. The second reason is that it smells delicious and reminds us of babies heads. Swirl the brush in the shampoo, making circular motions. Work through the lather, until you feel that you have given it an adequate hair wash. Rinse and repeat. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Squeeze out the excess water as gently as possible.

MAC brush cleanerDry

Give the brushes a gentle towel dry and lay flat on a towel to completely air out overnight.

It is best to repeat this practice every week or two. Its not that painful, and it could be saving you from some unwanted friends in the form of blemishes.

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