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How To Make Eyeliner Designs

Shapes, Style

Be creative with your eyes with must-have eyeliner designs. I recommend it, as you’ll stand out and look stunning. There’s so many different ones to choose from, from cat style to winged and bold intricate styles.

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Sassy Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes

This style is simple and similar to a winged look but what makes it different is the curve at the end of the eye tip. All you need to do is draw a thin line on the upper and lower eyelid. Add the curve at the corner for a perfect touch!

Plain Winged


I love this because it looks like a birds wing! Apply a thicker coat of liquid eyeliner (preferably) on the upper eyelid and the wing shape on the corner of your eye. Use a bright color for more boldness!

Multiple Designs

Multiple layers

For more elegance do a multiple layer pattern! Definitely with a shape at the top and bottom on the corner of your eyelids. Choose two colors that match and apply two coats of liquid eyeliner, at the top make it thicker and at the bottom just do one line. At the tip of the eyelid use a faint eyeliner pencil and smudge it a bit for a smoky effect.

Creative Spirals

Creative Spirals

Love art? showcase it on your eyes with spirals. Apply a thin layer on your eyelids and spice it up with however many patterns you want. Mix it up with thick and thin designs and for extra spark, add glitter to it.

Smart Spider Web

Spider Web

The detail of a spider web is spell bounding and essential for your eyes. Use thin layers of black liquid to stick with the color theme and draw the different layers of the web. Start at the corner and continue underneath your eyes.

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