If you’re a lover of make up and you’ve managed to score the perfect product that matches your skin tone; I applaud you.

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Too often have I been left with a product too dark, too light or pink. It’s not a cheap practise, so you want to try and get it right.

Recently, I purchased a Revlon concealer for contouring. Of course, It was too dark for highlighting – almost as dark as my Nude By Nature mineral foundation.

I’d already committed to opening it, so there was no going back. And I was not going to buy another one.

Then an idea came to me.

Before applying my concealer to my under eyes – I always apply Garnier’s Ultra Lift Eye Cream. So why did I never think of mixing them?

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Mixing the cream and the concealer not only made it smoother to apply, my skin also absorbed the products leaving a nicer coverage.

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I find that applying the eye cream to the back of my hand, then mixing together with a thin brush is the way to go. I’m sure you could do the same with face moisturiser!

It’s great if you manage to score your exact skin tone, but here’s a fool proof way to save you money and time, leaving you with a smoother application.

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