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MAC’s New Liptensity Collection

Liptensity MAC

I have a little bit of an obsession with MAC, and it is probably not a healthy one. When I heard they were dropping their new lip line, with a gob smacking 24 shades, I got a teeny weeny (ridiculously) excited.

The collection is called the Liptensity Lipstick range, and the variety of shades are akin to a kaleidoscope bursting with vibrant hues from across the spectrum. Without exaggeration, my mouth watered at the sheer sight of some of the colours, with their intensity similarΒ to that of delicious berries or cotton candy.

On the more muted side of the shade scale are the gorgeous autumnal browns. We can thank Kylie Jenner for bring brown into our beauty booty, and MAC have created a version to pair with any complexion.

Picks of the Bunch

This was tough but I managed to pick my favourite as being β€œDriftwood”, a beautiful nude shade. It is so pigmented and creamy and sits well with day time makeup.

Driftwood MAC

For a pop of colour, try Cordovan. It is bursting with boysenberry connotations, and should come with a warning sign. People are going to want to lick your lips.

Cordovan MAC

For the insanely brave, Galaxy Grey is a misleading blue. Its the kind of shade that Katy Perry would rock on an off day, but may take some more effort from us normal chicks. It is totally do-able though, and would look really good on a platinum blonde.

Galaxy Grey

Packaging is beautifully MAC minimal as per usual, with the lippie doing all the talking. The line drops later this month, and we can barely contain ourselves. Is it wrong to want to buy all 24? We didn’t think so either.

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