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Our Latest Style Crush: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is a supermodel babe. She’s a big name in the modelling world and she’s part of Taylor Swift’s gang (so jealous!) She’s beautiful, smart and flawless with a upscale style, from street style to travel and Hollywood red carpet events. I’m obsessed with her fashion and I’m sure you gals are too!

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Chic Street Style

Supermodel, Chic Street style

She know’s where ever she goes there’s paps – which is why she needs to look good. She looks stunning in this simple but immaculate outfit. The skinny jeans and plain tee gives its casual look and the blazer and black pointy heels gives its elegance. The two go perfectly together. I would recommend this style for on the go and casual Friday at work!

Casual Travel Style

Supermodel, Casual Travel style

Arriving in Cannes looking very casual – which is essential travel wear. I love the folded jeans – it’s very cute! The white sneakers is comfortable and ideal for the long hours on a plane. I approve this outfit choice as it’s fitting for on the go as well.

Sexy Red Carpet Events

Supermodel, Sexy red carpet event

Snapped at the 2016 Met Gala looking sexy in this eye stopping dress! It’s luxury and Β falls tightly over her body. I love the collar around her neck – which is part of the dress. My favourite would have to be the open areas by her waist and middle – it reveals her chest line and gorgeous waist. I’m in love!

Sporty Gym Outfit

Supermodel, Sporty gym style

As you all know ladies, celebs keep their bodies toned with exercise on a regular basis! Wow! I’m in love with this get-up – the knee length leggings and brand name sports bra. You can see her muscles. She even dresses appealing for a normally bland attire. This look is a must have for jogging, walking and when ever you hit the gym!

Images via: Pinterest

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