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Kylie Jenner’s Sinful Colours

Kylie Jenner Sinful Colours nail polish

First hair extensions, then lipstick and now nail polish, Kylie Jenner’s aim is to get her name on every type of beauty product that you can think of.

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And why not? With a couple of million under her belt and some 60 million Instagram followers, it’s easy to grow a business.

Kylie’s latest venture with Sinful Colours has seen four collections of nail polish in her collections; the original King Kylie Collection, the Velvety Demi Matte Collection, the Pure Satin Mattes Collection and the latest Denim and Bling Collection.

The 16 shade Denim and Bling collection is made up of matte denims, glitters and shimmers that can made the Duo Chrome and Denim Ombre looks. The colours are made up of half blue tones and the rest, a mix of holographic glitter and light shades.

Kylie Jenner Sinful Colours nail polish

The Pure Satin Matte Collection is made up of 16 colours in the classic matte look polish that is perfect for all occasions. The colours are a mix of warm based shades and cooler jewel tones.

The Velvety Demi Mattes line has 14 colours made up of mostly pastels, with a few darker shades to balance the collection.

The original King Kylie collection for Sinful Colours was a 20 shade collection in a mix of colours of precious metals and crown jewels.

The Sinful Colours collaboration with Kylie Jenner has been hugely successful because of the affordable price and the ease of buying location.

Kylie Jenner Sinful Colours nail polish

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