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Still Crushing: Khloe Kardashian For Complex

khloe kardashian, complex, cover, kutwk

A reaction like ‘phwooarr’ has never, ever been more appropriate than for Khloe Kardashian’s cover shoot with Complex magazine. Doing an interview with the team and opening up about all things Kardashian, Khloe has also been taken out of her comfort zone, posing in skimpy gym clothes, and it just proves that all her hard work has paid off.Β 

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Regularly posting about her gym workouts on Instagram, we usually see Khloe in tights and a t-shirt, covering up that booty, but Complex wanted everyone to see how amazing she looks.

khloe kardashian, complex, cover, kutwk

Based on the theme of strength, Khloe is seen in a few different outfits in the gym and candidly opens up about her body, her life and those around her as well as her relationships. She is raw, powerful and confident and the interview is a really great read to get an insight into your favourite Kardashian’s life.

Even still, the reality star has haters questioning her looks, so much so that unretouched photos were released to show the (very little) difference. People have gone so far to pick her apart as to comment on her funny looking knee, which has suffered three reconstructive surgeries.

In true Khloe Kardashian style, she has been nothing but proud of what is gracing the magazine covers and we could not agree more. At 31, Khloe has reached comfort in her own skin and looks absolutely phenomenal.

khloe kardashian, complex, cover, kutwk

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