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Hydrate With Skin Inc

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It’s so easy to let your skin get dehydrated in this weather. Harsh winds and air conditioning can cause your skin to dry and flake, and consuming more hot chocolate than water makes us shrivel on the inside. Luckily, there’s a brand that is all about hydration and keeping our skin supple, especially during winter.

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Skin Inc, which is exclusive to Sephora, is a creation of products from Japan which are full of hydrating ingredients to revive our skin. Sold in cute, coloured bottles, Skin Inc’s designs are actually made to be tailored to your skin type.

Different colours mean different skin types and it’s from there that we can play with some chemistry. Skin Inc allows you to mix your own lotion with the elements they have created. For example, if your skin needs brightening and spot tackling, the purple Revatalise Placenta is for you. If you need to get rid of dark circles, the pink Vitamin A Serum is what you need. You can then make a mix of the elements you need to create your own personalised formula that is tailored to what you skin needs.

skin inc

Skin Inc also have a range of gels, cleansers and serums that repair your skin with revitalising ingredients. They have also released the Optimizer+ which is a device that uses LED light to increase the metabolism of skin cells and blood and lymphatic circulation, making for better absorption of Skin Inc products.

With a range of products that are so helpful for skin health and the ability to tailor your serum to your skin type and needs, Skin Inc is one of the best brands you can turn to with your skin woes.

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