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How To: Wear A Bralette

Bralettes have been a massive trend recently, which is a good thing now that summer is finally upon us here in Australia. The great thing about bralettes is they’re comfortable.

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While wearing your typical type of bra with underwire can be annoying and confining (especially in the sweaty weather), bralettes are super breathable and comfy. This makes baring the heat 10 times easier.

Here are a few ways to wear a bralette this summer:

Under a tank top

This is the most common way to pull off a bralette. Showing a bit of lace under a tank top or a muscle t-shirt is very sexy and on trend. You don’t have to match the colours either, in fact, mismatching colours is the better way to go about it. It’s all about showing off a little bit of the bras details.

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On its own

If you’re feeling daring you can always wear a bralette on its own. Wear something with a high waist on the bottom, like high-waist jeans, shorts or skirt. This makes it look less risqué when you have most of your stomach covered. And of course, if its chilly you can always add a jacket.

how to, bralette

Under an open back shirt

Lastly, if you feel like going all out and looking super sexy you can pair your bralette with an open back shirt or dress. Go for a bralette with crisscross straps or intricate detailing to make it look really edgy, but chic. Showing off your back and adding the bralette gives you a rocker/boho vibe.

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