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How To: Get Kylie Jenner’s Golden Globes Makeup

Get Kylie Jenner’s Golden Globes Makeup Look

Kylie Jenner’s makeup at the Golden Globes after party was definitely the most talked about makeup look of the whole night.

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She looked glamorous, fresh, and not over the top – which is something her makeup usually tends to lean towards. The soft brown smokey eye with the lip is simple to do, and I’m going to tell you how to do it.

Everything you’ll need you’ll probably already have in your makeup stash. For the eye look you’ll need a variation of neutral eye shadows.

Get Kylie Jenner’s Golden Globes Makeup Look

  1. Start off with your eye shadow first, just in case you get some eye shadow fallout. Use a similar colour to Honey Butter from the Too Faced palette above. On a large, fluffy brush, buff the colour into the crease of your eyes and your eyelid. This will act as a transition colour for the rest of your eye shadows.
  2. Going in with a slightly darker colour, like Cashmere Bunny above, you want to use it to create a wing on the outer part of your eyes. To create the wing shape, take pointy/fluffy makeup brush. You’ll want to run the colour from the corner of your eye, following the natural line of your bottom lash upwards. This makes sure that the wing matches your eye shape. Build up the colour of the wing, and intensify the colour in the outer ‘v’ of your eye.
  3. Take a clean fluffy brush and blend the colours out.
  4. Next, using a fluffy/pointy brush again, take a dark brown colour like Chocolate Cookie and go over the wing you’ve already made. You want to darken it up a bit. Then bring the colour into the crease colour you placed down first.
  5. With a fluffy brush again, blend everything out so you have no harsh edges.
  6. With a small brush, take a colour like Chocolate Cookie again and run it under your bottom lashes to get that smokey effect.

For the rest of Kylie’s makeup, use your favourite foundation and mascara. She was very bronzed, so go heavy with the bronzer, and she didn’t have on much highlighter. To get the nude lip, use a pale lipstick, one that closely matches your skin tone.

And that’s it!

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