Feeling sad about not knowing what to do

Everyone gets bored now and then. We sit and wonder what to do and if it’ll be enjoyable. We all struggle with it but don’t despair there’s many fun activities to do from reading to drawing and painting and yes binge watching TV shows on Netflix. If all else fails put some music on and dance.

With these helpful tips that help me, we can cure the horrible illness called boredom.

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I know that a lot of people don’t enjoy reading but if you’re so bored, anything will do. Books are a great cure, as you can immerse yourself into the character’s worlds. If it’s a really good book, time will fly and the feeling of not knowing what to do will pass. So sit back and enjoy a spell bounding book.

Creative Arts And Crafts

Drawing and Painting

Even if you’re not a artist that’s okay because even doodling with a pen on paper can help. If you have paint and a canvas lying about, think up of what you would like to draw and paint away. It’s good for killing time plus it’s very soothing for the soul.

Netflix And Chill

Netflix and Chill

Everybody loves Netflix, including me and we all love binge watching our favourite shows. Next time you’re at home and bored, put on your show and don’t feel guilty because it’ll relax you plus it’s the best kind of entertainment.

Get Up And Dance


Boredom can leave you feeling sad and there’s nothing better then dancing to cheer you up. So put your best playlist on and dance away. It’ll give you something to do plus you’ll get a good exercise out of it!

There you have it gals with these steps it’ll go away and you’ll be left feeling happy with activities.

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