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How Many Mascaras Should You Use?

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There is one question that has been plaguing the beauty world for quite some time now, and there is no right answer because everyone is so unique.

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The question in turn is how many mascaras should you use when coating your lashes?

When it comes to makeup, everyone is different because of the qualities we are born with, but besides finding the perfect pair of stick on falsies, there is no one mascara that will give you all the qualities that you need to make your lashes look *flawless*.

If you’re not keen on getting eyelash extensions or sticking falsies to your eyelids, you’re probably a huge fan of mascara and you probably have a favourite one. But have you ever realised that using two mascaras to coat your eyelashes can bring great qualities from both mascaras for the look you’re after, whether it’s length, curl or volume.

For example, if you’re after length and long lasting mascara, try using a regular lengthening mascara for your first coat and adding an intense waterproof mascara for the second coat. Not only does it add the lengthening quality that the waterproof mascara may not add, it gives the lashes a long lasting quality, while still being easy to remove at the end of the day.

Finding the best of both worlds with your mascara is like mixing your own makeup cocktail where you find great qualities from both and add them to your look so that it accentuates your lashes. So the answer to your question? How many mascaras should you use? As many as you like to find the right look for you.

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