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Home Inspo: Indoor Plants

Okay… we get it. So you think indoor plants are for senior citizens right? Well let me shed some light for you. Firstly, grandmas are onto it and secondly, you are so wrong!

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indoor plants 1
Cacti in Vintage Tins.

I will admit that I was probably the first person to shun the trend when it first appeared on television homemaker shows and in magazines but I am a complete convert and now the proud owner of six indoor plants and two ‘terrariums’ (read ‘tiny bowls of goodness‘).

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indoor plants 2

Indoor plants are so on-trend in home design right now. They add a freshness to home environments that no amount of fresh cut flowers can, and they brighten up the room for a fraction of the cost that a typical trip to Adairs would set you back.

Indoor plants have also been proven to increase the air clarity in the surrounding area. They make our homes cleaner and improve our health by cleansing the air we breath in. Plants are also particularly beneficial in study or office settings as they have mood enhancing qualities and can help to reduce stress.

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Try it out! Start small with cheap plants like a cacti or a succulents- they are guaranteed to survive and you can improve you gardening skills from here. Next, try out a gorgeous orchid or get creative with bamboo designs. Enjoy!

Indoor Plants 3
Succulents and Cacti in Tiny Planters

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