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Holiday Packing: What Not To Forget

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Nothings worse than spending months planning a holiday to find yourself mid-flight realising you’ve forgotten to pack your camera charger – yes, this was me.

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Here are a few things that I wish I knew to bring before jetting off to another country.

Multi Power Board

After checking into your hotel, one of the first of many things you want to do is recharge your equipment. It’s tantalising realising there’s only one or two power plugs in the room. Which is even worse if you’re sharing!

You don’t want to be wasting time individually charging your phone, camera, laptop, electric toothbrush and so forth. There are places to be, people to see! Be sure to pack one of these handy power boards to avoid the dramas of sharing power plugs and time wasting.

It’s a sure way to make friends with fellow backpackers if you’re staying in a hostel.

You can pick one of these up at Officeworks that can hold up to four individually switched plug outlets and four usb outlets.

Travel Adaptor

These are essential if you’re visiting another country that has different power plugs from your home country. They go hand in hand with the power board, so you only need to bring one to get connected.

Dick Smith sell a variety of adaptors at affordable prices.


Not the underwear type- but the shoes are perfect to wear in hotel showers, pools and sauna areas. You never know how clean the floors are so it’s not worth the risk of contracting Tinea!

First Aid Kit

You’ll under estimate how handy a mini first aid kit can be. Band aids, anti-septic cream and pain killers are basic necessities to pack for your next holiday.

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To ease the struggle of keeping track of what you need to pack, writing a list and checking it off once it’s in your bag will help you.

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