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H&M’s Grand Opening In Melbourne

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Europeon clothing brand H&M will open its doors to customers tomorrow morning at 10am.Β The clothing giant launched their flagship store in Melbourne’s GPO building last night with a star studded red carpet and no expense spared.

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Noticeably absent at last night’s launch was H&M’s ambassador Miranda Kerr. Though her prior commitments held her in Asia, a flurry of celebrity guests, bloggers and fashion editors walked the red carpet, eager to get a look inside the iconic brand’s store. Guests included Erin Holland, Francis Abbott, Nikki Phillips and Didier Cohen.

The launch included a performance from American sister group Haim, Mumm champagne and canapes from Adam D’Sylva. Guests were able to browse the racks and check out the top trending pieces that will be available to the public tomorrow.

Luckily for us Sydney-siders, H&M are already planning to expand their stores all around Australia.

“In any market we go into we take it step by step, we have a huge respect for Australia even though we are successful in all the markets we have entered into so far, it’s a new set up for us, a fantastic new store and I think it will be successful, and if it is, well, we are already now looking for stores in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and some other cities,”Β says H&M chief executive Karl-Johan Persson.


Tomorrow morning, the H&M pre-launch party starts at 6am with coffee, juice, giveaways and the L’Oreal Paris lip cart. When doors open at 10am, consumers will receive a free t-shirt with purchases.

H&M also plan to make online shopping available to all Australians soon. The sooner the better we say, otherwise we’ll have to take regular trips to Melbourne.

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